Y2K Racing Leather Jacket

Sale price£50.00

This jacket is for those who want to stand out in the crowd with a piece that's as unique as it is eye-catching.

This oversized jacket features a striking green leather exterior, reminiscent of the iconic racing team colors from the turn of the millennium. Adorned with racing patches and logos, it pays homage to the motorsport culture that defined an era. The back is emblazoned with bold lettering and the number '8', signifying speed and movement, while stars line the bottom, adding an extra touch of flair.

The Y2K Motor Racing Leather Jacket comes with a high-collar design and elasticated cuffs and hem, which not only seal in warmth but also add to the baggy, laid-back silhouette that's quintessential to the Y2K aesthetic. The zip front makes it effortless to wear and adds to its versatile nature—zip up for a sleek look or leave it open for a relaxed vibe.

Designed for comfort and style, this jacket is perfect for those who appreciate the oversized, baggy look that's made a comeback.

Color: Black & White
Size: M



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