Y2K Embroidered Milano Crop Top

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Y2K Embroidered Milano Crop Top shows off the essence of cool sophistication and retro fashion. This baby tee is a homage to the effortless style that Milan is famous for, updated with a Y2K twist that's fashionable.

Dressed in a lush forest green, the top features exquisite golden embroidery that spells out "MILANO '96", evoking the spirit of nostalgic sportsmanship and timeless elegance. The embroidery's luxurious sheen stands out against the green fabric, making it a subtle yet sophisticated focal point.

The top's cropped length and snug fit pay tribute to the blokecore trend, with an emphasis on comfort and casual style that doesn't sacrifice an ounce of fashion sense. It's crafted from a soft, breathable material that ensures you stay cool and comfortable, whether you're exploring the city streets or enjoying an espresso at a sidewalk café.

Perfect for pairing with high-waisted trousers or skirts, this crop top is versatile enough for a day out or a night on the town.

Color: Green
Size: S



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